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Sales Tax Services

  • Audit representation and defense – We will provide help as needed, or on a comprehensive basis
  • Refunds for overpaid tax on purchases – A review of your purchases may produce a significant refund of sales taxes
  • Nexus reviews – We will evaluate your sales activities in various states and advise you of your nexus risk
  • Assistance with implementation of Avalara sales tax software
  • Voluntary disclosure and amnesty agreements – We will provide these services to clear your tax exposure in the least costly manner
  • Taxability research – We will research and advise you about the taxability of your purchases to minimize excessive tax costs and sales to avoid exposure risks
  • Training, automation, and process improvement – We will work with your personnel to establish best practices to minimize excessive sales and use tax costs and exposure
  • Compliance services for tax on purchases – We will evaluate your purchases on a monthly basis and accrue use tax as needed, or provide exemption certificates to minimize overpayments of taxes
  • Exemption certificate management – We will oversee your exemption certificate management to ensure that you are collecting and maintaining valid certificates
  • Legal opinion requests – We will request legal opinions for specific sales and use tax issues
  • Managed audits – For Texas audits, we will provide a managed audit service that provides benefits of shortening the audit process, avoidance of spurious assessments,  inclusion of all overpayments as credits, and waiver of interest charges

Severance Tax Services

  • We will help you recover Texas severance tax credits that you are entitled to for low-production, high-cost and other qualifying conditions

Tax Incentives for Oklahoma and Arkansas

  • Oklahoma Quality Jobs Program
    • Application – We will work with you to create an application that has optimal prospects for approval, then we will work with the Department of Commerce through the consideration process to secure acceptance into the program
    • Compliance – we will file your rebate claims based on payroll data that you provide to us. We know how to maximize your benefits and our filing will ensure that rebates are not lost due to non-filing that sometimes occurs with companies due to changes in personnel
  • Oklahoma 5 Year Ad-Valorem Exemption for Manufacturers
    • We will prepare and file the initial application for a 5-year exemption of qualifying manufacturing equipment
    • We will prepare annual filings for all 5-year exemptions in place
  • Oklahoma New Employee/New Investment Manufacturing Credit
    • We will prepare credit forms for qualifying state income tax credits for additional employees or investments in manufacturing facilities
  • Federal WOTC and Indian Employment Credits
    • We partner with Cost Management Systems to provide WOTC credit services and we also partner with an Oklahoma firm to provide services to maximize Indian Employment credits
  • Arkansas R&D & Targeted Business Rebates – We will coordinate with the Department of Economic Development to qualify your R&D facilities to qualify for a 33% rebate of qualifying expenses
  • Arkansas Tax Back – We will coordinate with the Department of Economic Development to qualify you for a sales tax rebate for expansions at manufacturing, R&D, engineering, and other qualifying facilities; We will prepare sales tax rebate claims and represent you as the Department of Finance & Administration reviews the claims
  • Advantage Arkansas – We will coordinate with the Department of Economic Development to qualify you for state income tax credits for a percentage of wages for new employees. The percentage of the credit varies depending on location in the state. Credits are given for 5 years with a 9-year carryforward.